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Feeling good about yourself again.

My best friend and I always joke about life not treating us very well on the injury side of life, but then along comes Youtube to show us that “shit happens” to other people to.
Enjoy, NGC


Boredom kills

Boredom kills

So after taking quite a break from Technology again I’m back, and I must tell you it gets some getting used to again. So here something to get everybody smiling again!

Why Gecko’s Acid Plants are OK

Good day to you all,

You know it worries me to see so many of you being against the Gecko Plant that is planed near Swakopmund. It is worrying because Namibia is the fifth largest exporter of Uranium. If properly monitored (which I am sure it will) why not go ahead and expand exports? How can one be so blatant and say as much as you do with knowing so little about the project? Don’t get me wrong, I am not affiliated in any kind with anyone involved with the project; I am just concerned that people like you stand in the way of a countries economic and industrial progress. This opportunity will create round about 4000 new jobs, that’s just above 4% of Namibia’s population. And to those who are against nuclear energy, please go read a bit and find out how “dangerous” it really is, it is still the cleanest and most efficient source of energy out there. Or do you want to live off coal for the rest of your lives? It is ok to be sceptical, this means the people involved will not take a chance and take shortcuts but remember this, if you want to live in a country that is developing then these things are necessary!

I could go on for hours with this discussion, but fact remains that the pros outweigh the contras. Thank you for the read, and please comment on the Facebook page so I can hear your thoughts.


Ewald Kleber

Tall man

The second proper signing is Andy Carroll. A young Englishman that arrived at Anfield for a record breaking 35 million pounds. A worthwhile investment? We shall see, but he has proven that he can score goals. And that before a certain Spanish striker that arrived at Chelsea for 50 million pounds.
Andy is a young and pretty tall striker, fast for his size, good aerial action and a very decent boot. The problem is his first touch but that should be resolved soon.

Another thumbs up from me!!!


Opening with a bang!

So, I promised a little personal insight into Liverpool’s new signings.
I’ll start at the first big signing: Luis Suarez. What a player! On and off the pitch he is ethically a bit “rough” around the edges, but the eye he’s got for the game is quite astonishing. From the first game he knew where his team mates where and where they were going. And his last goal against Sunderland was insane. And if this video clip is any indication of what is to come the Premier League will have an old contender back in business. I love him and in my opinion he will do great things at LFC.


Niffty little toy

Oh my goodness! This is one serious contender and i would say the winner between it, the ipad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. I am just waiting for it to come to South Africa sometime this month. Ladies and gentlemen for your viewing pleasure……. ddrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuummmm ……. The Motorola XOOM with Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS.


Let’s go Viral

Here are some of the best viral videos of this year. I was absolutely shocked at the one from Egypt!